WARNING: The Lifecycle Automation Course Is Here! NO TRAVEL REQUIRED! Build out your CLA from HOME!
Get-it-done automation and client retention system building… so you can:
  • Convert a consistent flow of leads without spending a fortune on marketing.
  • Avoid letting leads “go cold” without spending all day on the phone.
  • Stop wasting money on marketing that can’t produce actual appointments for you.
  • Get back hours of your time each day (no more endless manual calls and text messages to your leads).
  • Actually enjoy being a gym owner again (yes, seriously).
Automate From Your Underwear! 
Owning a gym is tougher than it looks, isn’t it?
You’re responsible for everything, from prospective client tours to keeping the toilet paper stocked. 
-Men’s locker room smells like a diaper? Your problem.
-Client ghosts you for a training session? Your problem.
-A former employee poaches your clients? Your problem.
And then you’re expected to figure out how to drive new clients into your business too?

That’s crazy! When are you supposed to work out, sleep, and have a life? 

That’s how my life was. But over time, I created automated systems that let me step away from the day-to-day operations completely…

AND enjoy multiple 6-figure income streams at the same time.

I stopped being average and started getting HARDCORE with simplifying and automating my processes.

Now, I focus my time and energy on helping other hard-working gym owners enjoy the same kind of freedom.
Client Lifecycle Automation is NOT for the average gym owner. 
Average gym owners accept all these demands as “just the way things are.” So they just trudge along, working on their business whenever they have time and never really getting the hang of it.

If you’ve ever felt like clients were leaving your gym faster than you could attract new ones, you know what I mean, then this is for you.

But the most successful gym owners aren’t willing to settle for the overworked/underpaid trap that average gym owners fall into.

They’re learning from me and my team to build and implement systems that take the guesswork (and the real work) out of:
  • Getting your gym in front of the people who will most likely join
  • Starting a "dialog" with these people to turn them into leads
  • Turning motivated leads into happy paying members
  • ​"Energizing" lukewarm members to keep them coming back
  • ​Engaging current members
  • ​Keeping leads and members from "falling through the cracks"
  • ​Sparking referrals without trial periods, discounts, or other profit-erasers
  • ​Getting back to the parts of your business you actually enjoy
  • Never having to worry about income fluctuations threatening the livelihood of the business you worked so hard to build again!
YES, it’s a serious investment towards your fitness business.

YES, it’s going to be intense.

But in nearly no time…
You have ALL the systems up and running to nurture, convert, and 
retain new clients automatically:

Lead Nurture

Client Engagement

Lead Conversion

Client Retention

Referral Generation

The following is an example of what we'll be building out in this automation COURSE.
You don’t need technical 
knowledge, either.
My crew, and I are doing all the “heavy lifting” on the tech side of things - email, SMS, voice, and even logic-based automation (which makes user-specific marketing a breeze) - are what we do every day. 

We're going to drop our template right into your account!

That means you don’t have to spend weeks learning how to set up these systems yourself.

No hours of back-and-forth with tech support.

No broken software.

No “learning curves.”

I’ve got your back.  

Shawn Kephart - K180 Fitness

Dimitri Giankoula - Pure Motivation Fitness

Gerry and Casey Washack - Fit in 42

Kelsey DeSantis - Kilo Strength Society

Jeff Larish - Dead Read Conditioning

Caitlin Hogan - Annex Training Center

Bobby Muniz - TFW Harlingen

Thomas Castleberry - TFW Olympia

IS Client Lifecycle Automation 
If you’re tired of feeling like your gym owns you…

If you’re tired of struggling to keep your membership list full… 

If you’re tired of watching other gym owners prosper while your own income has plateaued…

Then you need to be here.

No pressure, no hype. Just lock in your spot today so we can sit down together and help you save TONS of time and exponentially increasing your income from the Client Lifecycle Automation Course by ProFit.
P.S.: The sooner you lock in your spot, the closer you are to having the systems you need to automate your gym income and give you the freedom and wealth you’ve been hoping for.

Tim Lyons, Jr.
ProFit Marketing Solutions
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